Assessment of Sustainable Urban Development in Zabul with an Emphasis on the CDS Approach



CDS, as a process in which the long-term prospects for a short-term plan are prepared, may be the best option in order to achieve sustainable development. It is implemented with a focus on strengthening economic competitiveness, poverty reduction, and environmental aspects of urban structures, urban space, infrastructure, social and cultural aspects. It (CDS) makes the present and future problems easier to understand and can modify the urban management through revising a city's economic structure. The present study has been conducted on the purpose of assessing the sustainability of Zabol against the Urban Development Strategy (CDS). The method of the study is a quantitative analytic one through library work and field visits. The findings  reveal that owing to the lack of a comprehensive plan and the existing defects, such as the failing diversification of land application in Zabol provided by   the comprehensive plan of the city, CDS strategy seems necessary for for the development of the city.